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I have been outspoken in defense of our water supply and it's safety, cautious development, limiting taxes and protecting our children.  I will continue to walk the walk. 

Aerial View of River

Water Supply and Development

Over the last year I have spoken with the City Council and Headwaters Groundwater Conservation District (HGCD) regarding our well permit and drought conservation stages.  Meanwhile my opponent would not even support a motion for the council to be informed as to the status of the expired permit!  


After much obfuscation and misinformation, and under legal pressure, the city is now drafting a new drought conservation plan to achieve compliance with the HGCD’s rules.  The fact that the city has developed a variety of water sources is commendable: however, persistent drought and the pressures of growth require an honest look at our water supply.

Growth should never be at the expense of the citizens who already live here.  Huge apartment complexes, and Lennar type developments are not compatible with the community so many of us love.  Affordable housing can be achieved without losing what makes Kerrville unique and jeopardizing our water supply.


Drinking Water at Home


I pledge that I will not hide issues from the public and will certainly not attempt to discredit citizens who raise concerns. Despite Texas Commission on Environmental Quality data showing our water had Trihalomethane (THM) violations 25 times in the last 10 years, the mayor stated in a council meeting there had never been a violation.  As of today, the most recent violation in the last quarter of 2023, is still not in compliance. 


A Texas Water Development Board document dated January 18, 2024, shows the city is finally acting to “provide enhancement to the Kerrville Water Treatment Plant Trihalomethane (THM) Control Facility.”  So, the very problem I pointed out, that they denied, they are now after years of neglect, scrambling to fix. The lack of transparency and misinformation regarding this is shameful.  Safe water is a NEED and I will prioritize it over WANTS.

Our parents have the right to protect their children from what they deem inappropriate content.  Our tax supported library should not undermine a parent's ability to do just that.  Moving obscene and sexually explicit material out of the Children and Young Adult sections of the library into the adult section is only sensible.  My opponent strongly objected to moving any of the obscene material.  I will advocate changing the library policies that actually forbid such protections. 


Our public library policies come directly from the American Library Association.  When the city council allows national organizations to set local policies without investigating who they are or what they stand for and refuse to correct harmful policies when they are made aware of them, it is time for a leadership change.

Colorful Book Spines

Protecting Children and Parents' Rights

Government Building Columns

Big Government
Texas Values






Ever increasing taxes is a result of overspending and growing big government policies.  City residents who are over 65 saw 20% and 9.4% increases in their city taxes in the last two years.  Our hard-working families cannot afford such increases and much of it is due to the debt our city has incurred.  Our city government needs to learn how to live within its means just like all of our families must.  It is time for a change.

Loss of Freedom

Government overreach hit a new high with the adoption of the Outdoor Light Ordinance and now the new Solicitation Ordinance.  My opponent voted for both of these ordinances.  Our city government can now tell you what lighting is permitted inside your home and are looking to pass an ordinance to regulate those who canvass for political or religious causes, despite our First Amendment protections. 

Preserving our Values

John Adams famously said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”.  Our country depends on public institutions encouraging moral, virtuous behavior and decision-making.


In disbelief I watched my opponent slam a Bible on the dais during a city council meeting, declaring it contained pornography and bestiality.  Attempting to put God’s Word on the same footing as books aimed at sexualizing our children is offensive to our community!  I remain fully committed to protecting our children, and our Texas values. 

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